What to Do After a Skin-Picking Session


This video covers the following points:

What does it feel like ‘after the fall’, when you have just had a really bad picking session, and why.

How a fear of ‘the fall’ can keep us locked into picking sessions for even longer, and how to break that cycle.

What to introduce into this moment instead of self-diminishment.

How to let go of the destructive, destroying thoughts, feeling, emotions, perceptions and beliefs in the rock bottom moment.

How we created this emotional storm that only adds to the pain of the rock bottom moment.

How it looks to live the words: self-care, self-love, self-forgiveness and unconditional self-embracing.

How to become your own safe haven in the space after the picking session.

The Moment Before the Pick

You know that moment, the one where you suddenly become like a passenger in your own body, watching in horror and relief as you move to find your tweezers, walk towards the mirror, or grab the magnifying mirror?

That is the moment before the pick. It is when the line has been crossed. It is the point of no return.

However, there is an action we can take in this very moment, to strengthen our resolve, and take back control of our vessel. Even if we have indeed crossed that point of no return, the moment does not have to be lost. We may have lost this battle, but we are preparing ourselves for the war, and when we decide to take a stand and make that decision, we will be ready!

Important points in the video:

  • Developing the awareness in the moment before the pick, why it is important and how we can use it.
  • What happens in the moment before we pick, what are the thoughts that we are not aware of.
  • The difference between not wanting to transition from one moment to the next versus an accumulation.
  • How picking is an attempt to support ourselves, and how to use that fact to instead support ourselves for real.
  • How to break through the disassociation and denial in this moment.
  • How and why to develop a voice in the moment before the pick, and distinguishing between the ‘voice of the disorder’ and the voice of awareness.
  • How to spot and define the energy that triggers the picking session.
  • How to create a voice of unprejudiced objectivity.
  • How to define the picking session, creating an end point, and not falling into the self-sabotage of self-limiting beliefs.
  •  Revisiting the 3 tools learned in this video.

Hacking Rock Bottom

This video discusses that rock-bottom point we hit after a big picking session, the worst moment of them all. But, consider that the biggest solutions are found within the biggest problems. There is a way to hack this moment and break the vicious cycles of excoriation/compulsive skin-picking disorder.

Important points from the video:

  • What is the best moment to begin to support yourself for rock bottoming?
  • How to identify when you’re about to hit rock-bottom.
  • What we normally do in this moment, versus what we CAN do to hack the OCD cycle.
  • Examples of what to do in the rock bottom moment to hack the OCD cycle and empower yourself.

The Moments of Stability


Moments of Stability form a part of the cycles involved in excoriation/skin-picking/dermatillomania. These moments can be used to perpetuate the disorder, or to build self-strength. It is important to understand the difference between the two so that you can choose actions that ensure your personal growth and development which will be used as self-control in the difficult moments.

The moments of stability occur when your skin starts to heal, you start feeling good/better and entering back into your normal life. These moments may be brief and elusive. This video covers how to extend these moments, and to make the most of them while they are here, as well as to set ourselves up for the fall that will inevitably, eventually come.

Important points in this video:

  • Describing the moment of stability.
  • How the moment of stability eventually leads to a fall.
  • Seeing through the deception of the moment of stability and thus using it with awareness.
  • Naming the self-sabotage that happens in these moments, using personal examples.
  • How to create solutions to prevent the self-sabotage in a way that is sustainable.
  • The two examples I address include becoming overly motivated, or easing off.
  • How to transform moments of stability into moments of creation/self-creation, where you can determine and decide what kind of life you want to be living and see yourself in, and take steps towards creating it.
  • How to set yourself up a foundation to support yourself during lows.
  • How to tell the difference between the cycles of the disorder (eye of the tornado), and actual REAL growth.

The Best Approach to Damage Control – Video

I am sharing in this video a moment in my life where I was confronted with a challenge: I was invited to go out to a martial arts class, and I had a picking session right before. Watch the video to learn how I handled the situation.

The Vicious Cycles

Derma can be a sneaky disorder that seems to somehow keep us perpetually held in it’s grips. In this older video, I am sharing some common sense that I observed in myself, in order to snap myself out of the cycle and into reality.

Important points in the video:

  • Neglecting to investigate your disorder due to the fear of having to live without it.
  • Looking at the cycles we go through and how they function, but which we do not notice because we are too lost in the disorder.
  • Looking at why it is so very difficult to forgive ourselves, and what happens if you allow yourself to forgive yourself.
  •  The outflows and consequences of not forgiving ourselves.
  • How the cycles of OCD perpetuate the disorder, even when we sometimes get our shit together, and how this creates more of a waiting than a creation of stability, and how that waiting only leads to another fall.

Dermatillomania – After the Fall


Within this video I discuss how the moments after ‘a great fall’ are actually a window of opportunity to stop the vicious cycle in its tracks. Also, how to use this moment to instead build resolve and self-discipline to use later as a tool for prevention.

Buying Healing Products to Heal Skin, but What About Healing Self?


            This video offers insights into how to support yourself ‘after the fall’, meaning, the moment after a skin-picking session.

Important points to note in the video:

  • How to apply self-care after the fall
  • Tools and treats to save your skin
  • The difference between making yourself feel better only, and creating real self-care in awareness.
  • The difference between hiding behind makeup and applying makeup to live for real.
  • The starting point of buying healing products: Are you feeding the disorder or supporting your body to heal?
  • Remembering the rest of you.

Click here to open the video in a new tab:Buying Healing Products to Heal Skin, but What About Healing Self?

Other video mentioned:  Picking in awareness


Picking in Awareness (Mid-Session Support)

Picking in Awareness (Mid-Session Support)

Picking in awareness

This is a video addressing how to support yourself while you are in a picking session. I talk about how to lessen the damage while you are picking. If you can’t stop, at least you can be gentler with yourself.

This video covers the following important points:

  • Can you get picking ‘out of your system’ by accepting and allowing yourself to fully indulge?
  • A point of support you can use to lessen the impact and damage of a picking session.
  • Considering life outside of OCD/dermatillomania, what can you develop for yourself in that space?
  • Discussing where your mind’s eye is looking during a picking session.
  • How to be honest with yourself while you are picking, and what this changes.
  • What happens when I ‘pick in awareness’.
  • When can using cover up and foundation be a tool of support instead of a hiding?
  • How does OCD/dermatillomania act like an entity within you, and how does an understanding of this empower you to develop more control over your own hands?

Click here for the video to open up in a new tab: Picking In Awareness

The other video I mention is here: Stopping Mid-Pick

To see the self-forgiveness that supported me to walk through the barriers to actually be able to assert myself to stop mid-pick: Distorting Reality During Skin-Picking